Enrichment Programs




Music helps to tap into the creativity and rhythm that is a natural part of everyone. Our music class creates an atmosphere of fun, interaction and excitement. That is why children are naturally drawn to it. If we nurture this ability, music will provide a lifetime of enjoyment and creativity for our students. Children attending Magic Years are afforded the opportunity to experience music in the form of singing, dancing, listening to the piano and copying associated finger plays and hand motions. Mrs. Stoyle and Miss Kumi are wonderfully talented pianist who come in once a week for each class and sing and play with the children. 








All children at Magic Years Nursery School have access to our library collection. Our extensive collection of appropriate children’s literatures allows your children the opportunity to experience choosing a book, reviewing and previewing, as well as borrowing and returning books each week. In experiencing this children learn the value of books, develop skills in decoding pictures for meaning and taking responsibility for items. These lessons all help lay the foundation for later social and cognitive growth. We believe that books ought to be opened and closed, hugged, taken to bed and sometimes lost under the covers. 






With a more structured group, it is important that children feel excited and enthusiastic about physical education. By intertwining a variety of small group games such as hopping, skipping, jumping, playing catch, and following directions in large group activities with holiday and seasonal themes, the children greatly benefit physically and socially. No matter the sport or activity, remember that fitness should be fun!


The goals of our gym class are:

  • Developing efficient movement skills

  • Enhancing coordination

  • Improving and maintaining physical fitness

  • Reinforcing skills that are needed to cooperate with others





This monthly music class offers and age-appropriate and engaging music experience.  The music curriculum focuses on developing basic music skills, while also helping children develop important cognitive, social, motor, and listening skills in the process. This music class reinforce themes and lessons being introduced throughout our school year.