About Us

Magic Years Nursery School was created in 1982 with a purpose to provide a wholesome atmosphere for pre-school children where they can develop to their potential; socially, creatively, emotionally and intellectually. Each child is able to pursue a variety of creative experiences independently and in groups according to his/her own interests and maturity.















Preschoolers are full of energy, eagerness and curiosity. A child’s incredible creativity and imagination are expressed through dramatic play, artwork and storytelling. Vocabulary and cognitive skills are developing rapidly allowing children to express ideas, solve problems and plan. Learning how to get along with others, follow directions and resolve conflict provide increased levels of independence and confidence.


We make an extraordinary effort to keep you informed of your child's progress and development, as well as day to day classroom activities. Our classrooms are child centered and designed to stimulate creative exploration and support discovery through meaningful, real-life experiences and sound educational philosophies. We are committed to providing your child with a strong academic foundation through our developmentally appropriate programs in a warm, nurturing and secure environment. Children learn best and remember longest that which involves them actively.


Our programs are set up according to the way play relates to a child’s development and consists of four major concepts:

  • Exercise: Physical activity exercises the large muscles and helps children achieve control of their body and spatial awareness. Physical success gives them confidence which carries over into other non-physical activities.

  • Fantasy and Dramatic Play: This is included in housekeeping toys, dolls, animals, blocks, and transportation toys. Through these objects, our children try out various roles and imitate life as they have experienced it. They gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.

  • Creative Play: Art materials of all kinds involve children in the immensely rewarding creative process and give them an opportunity to exercise their imagination and express originality. “It’s the process not the product that is important.”

  • Cognitive Play: Construction toys, matching and shape sorting games develop manipulative and cognitive skills to read and to count.



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