Our Classes

Our preschool classrooms are welcoming and nurturing. Children are encouraged to explore, make choices, engage in dramatic play, develop large& fine motor skills, read complex books and sing songs.

Teachers communicate with children in a warm manner and are quick to respond to their needs. A quick response helps to build trust. Trust enables the pre-school child to learn and develop positive relationships.


Our curriculum provides a balance of group activities and one-on-one activities. Children learn cooperation by helping and sharing, expanded language skills are developed through conversation, reading and singing.

Three Year Olds


Our three year old program helps build the foundation to form friendships and develop social skills, such as working together and taking turns. Positive relationships formed through warm, sensitive, and responsive care help children feel valued and gain more from their learning experiences. Children will play, build, sing, color and learn while developing important skills such as:

  • Social Skills

  • Fine and Gross Motor Control

  • Color and Shape Awareness

  • Expanding language skills

  • Curiosity


Four Year Olds


Our four year old program offers a wide variety of activities to prepare your child for a successful entry into our pre-kindergarten . It is our desire to make this transition an exciting and eagerly anticipated one.

The curriculum at Magic Years Nursery School is designed to challenge, stimulate and nurture each child by providing a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials. Each week’s curriculum is based on a different letter and theme. The four year old program introduces our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum.

The daily schedule includes a variety of activities from stories, finger plays and flannel boards to creative art projects, music, drama and gross and fine motor activities. Each child will learn good social skills and will be encouraged to think, reason, question and experiment thereby creating a positive self concept.



The pre-Kindergarten room contains many possibilities for complex activities and group play. Science and cooking projects focus children on basic principles of the natural world and allow discovery and experimentation. Pre-reading skills such as learning letter and number names and sounds are emphasized. Basic classroom skills, such as following directions, listening, hand-raising and turn-taking are practiced. Teachers provide parents with a synopsis of their day through daily postings on our class bulletin boards.


In 2008-2009 we implemented a nationally known pre-writing program developed by Handwriting Without Tears creators. The “Get Set for School” program is now in all our pre-kindergarten classes. This program adds to our four major concepts of creative instruction by providing a consistent and proven system of letter formation. Proven specialized fine motor manipulatives, such as flip crayons, “wet, dry, try” chalk boards and wooden pieces to form letters help to introduce the alphabet in an interesting and fun way. Children will play, build, sing, color and learn while developing important skills for kindergarten such as:

  • Language proficiency

  • Social Skills

  • Fine and Gross Motor Control

  • Color and Shape Awareness

  • Letter and Number Recognition

  • Counting

“Handwriting Without Tears ® aims to make legible and fluent handwriting an easy and automatic skill that every student can master. Our unique and compelling curriculum design and teaching strategies facilitate this goal.”

Reach For the Stars


This program designed to enhance children’s reading readiness skills and language development. We have lots of fun activities planned. Each week a carefully chosen book will be introduced. Several comprehension questions will be asked and a few vocabulary words from the story will be discussed. The children will take part in an activity related to this story including art, drama, math, science or music. The program is for Pre-K children and meets once a week. 

Math Magic- A math based program that develops children’s natural ability to count, sort, pattern, problem solve and measure. Pre-K children only.

12:00-2:30 P.M. on Tuesdays